International conference organized by and for youth

MEPNL 17 took place in February 2017, and is an international conference organised for the youth (age 16-18) and by the youth (age 18-25). The conference took place in the heart of Europe, in the provinces of Gelderland and Limburg. In these border regions, right at the border with Germany and Belgium, people benefit from European and Euregional cooperation every day. Exactly as real Members of the European Parliament, the participants to MEPNL 17 did not work at one location only. They debated in parliamentary committees in Arnhem (capital of Gelderland), lobbied for proposals and amendments and they went and vote on their final resolutions during the General Assembly in Maastricht (capital of Limburg). The 9th of February 2017, they visited Brussels (capital of Europe) for a dialogue with Members of European Parliament on what kind of Europe they would like to live in the next 25 years. We created their logo, identity and website.

identity, logo, website