Life on mount Saint Peter

This exhibition was made to show the beauty of the different types of life in this Natura 2000 area, and what this collaboration of nature organizations has done to protect and recover them. All the senses are included in this journey of discovery; you can taste what the local sheep taste by serving a tea from dried local plants, you can touch their wool in search for the seeds they transport in it, you can hear how you can differentiate different types of bats hunting the area, you can see how local orchids match the look of their pollinators and you can smell a concentrate made from locally harvested hay.

The exhibition is located in the partially reconstructed monumental Villa Castrum.

assigned by: Natuurmonumenten, Natuurpunt, Natagora
in collaboration with: Studio Kernland
construction: Maasdal Timmerwerk & Zuidergeest Kluswerk
audiovisual: AV&F
photography: Malle Muze (Anneke Lefevre)

permanent exhibition opened on 23 April ’23

location: Villa Castrum, Rue de Caster, 4600 Visé, Belgium