Whale: Locality Maastricht

Walvis: Vindplaats: Maastricht (Whale: Locality Maastricht) is an exhibition about a prehistoric whale found in the ENCI quarry in Maastricht. The few bones found take centre stage in the exhibition – they are compared to species from elsewhere in Europe, for example, from the floor of the North Sea and from Ukraine. You can learn about the evolution of whale, from land-creature to the modern whales we know now.

I worked on the exhibition design, the identity, a book and the campaign design in collaboration with Studio Kernland by Nina Mathia Simons. Photography by Malle Muze (Anneke Lefevre)

Exhibition open from 26.5.2019 – 12.1.2020 in the Natural History Museum of Maastricht. nhmmaastricht.nl


exhibition, identity, logo, printwork